Preppers are under Attack in the Mainstream Media

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  • [ – ] Lawborn reply Preppers are being attacked eh? Well, that figures. It must really irritate the MSM that there are self reliant minded people out there.
    • [ – ] geordieprepper parent reply Yeah, they'd rather everyone conform and suck off the teat big pharma, government. It simply makes more sense to be self-reliant or to at least have a plan if assistance you are getting is suddenly no longer there. I wonder what Katrina survivors think about government assistance after that disaster, oh wait there wasn't any. We had the somerset levels flooding here in England. Large area of flat land which was completely submerged, no assistance or help at all.
      • psychoticgopher parent reply if the flooding went on much longer I wouldn't be where I am currently with an extra week or so my bottom floor would be under water and i could see from the state of the local park it wouldn't be long until the flooding would affect me ( people kayaked across the flooded fields next door to the main park).
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