Stupid PILED on Stupid

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  • OralRobots reply Laughed my ass off all the way through this! :D
  • [ – ] Perseus_Gold reply More like "The One who puts up with the most shit".
  • XVideoGamerX reply Hey John fellow MGTOW here & I'll just cut to the chase & ask for your opinion on the tv show that has quite a couple episodes on YouTube called "Deadly Women". I've watched many of them & thought "I'd love to hear what John's thoughts are on this" whether it's just a reply back to this message or like in a requested video, either will be appreciated. Though not to sound like a manipulative femi-cunt, loved how you came up with/said it in one of your videos, it would be great if your fellow men could give their thoughts on this as well if you decide to make this in a video. Again not being manipulative here but I have to say that I see you like a father figure that has young men blessed to have such a father in their lives. Semper Fi, I/We have the penis!. Show less
  • OralRobots reply The Berkeley riot proves men don't fight for whores, they fight for ladies like Lauren Southern.
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