LETS PLAY! Brief Karate Foolish!

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  • [ – ] BacklogGamingJunkie reply So I tried out the game earlier - it plays just fine but if i alt-tab out of game to start capturing the game with OBS, the game always crashes to desktop. Any tips for me Bunnii?
    • [ – ] bunniiBGG parent reply oh sure! well for one thing when i record i usually put my games in window mode not fullscreen. its just easier for me to check on my recording and click off if i need to. i dont remember if this game has that option but its a good tip i think. second umm i do use obs and its know to crash but this time i just happened to use ispring. i switch back and forth. maybe you can try one of those options. :P Im happy you tried the game out its so funny right? ^^
  • [ – ] BacklogGamingJunkie reply Dang this is right up my alley, I need this game! The combo of tighty whities and fighting in the same game... genius!
  • [ – ] Elkplaysandpaints reply Props to you for being up front about what sort of gamer you are. That's the kinda gamer I am too. SNES was my first system
  • Bazookya reply I've been meaning to try this game.
  • MFKraven reply I was gonna do a video on this pretty soon too! Man that game had me laughing my ass off. Good stuff bunni!
  • Octotiggy reply "You need to eat more cat food" is probably the best fighting insult I've ever seen.
  • ToyBountyHunters reply So now we know what happens when you throw Mortal Kombat, Ranma 1/2, and a bottle of 151 into a blender.
  • BelgianDan reply hehe, awesome XD
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