CAN FRIEZA BE REDEEMED? | A Dragonball Discussion

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  • [ – ] PillarofCreation reply Short answer, no. Lol. Even if he turns over a new leaf for some bizarre reason, the rest of the cast wouldn't accept it. Best scenario is he takes out Hit or Toppo or someone important like that and gains some cred. No one will ever turn their back to him.
  • Orack reply As always great and comprehensive video man :D!
  • ShinkariCovers2308 reply I love the soundtracks of dragonball and made some guitar cover of them. It would be very cool if you check them out on my channel and leave a comment :)
  • MarkRodriguez09 reply One thing I know, Freeza can't just end up in hell again as if nothing happened. Something has to change at the end or all of this will be a waste. Maybe if that Elder Priest turns out to be evil, Freeza can team up with them again to stop him in the next arc.
  • MarkRodriguez09 reply Idk he is still very sadistic and enjoys killing a little too much
  • TheGlassIsFull reply Maybe Frieza's time in hell actually got to him.
  • PiscDTM15 reply Follow me i will follow back. Sn
  • mr1van reply It'd be interesting to see them take a different road than the anticipated God Frieza. I don't see it, as he's sort of the glue to escalate and sort of undo all the damage done by this tournament, as I see his ultimate defeat ending a whole free wish for Goku.
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