Feminism and the Abuse of Female Power

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  • [ – ] JonTheBemused reply That was very interesting. My only comment is that your suggestion for teaching girls anything BEFORE the feminists get to them, is perhaps already too late. From what I have been gathering about changes being made to education across the western world, it seems that the opposite is taking place. Through the programmes attacking maleness at ever younger ages, it will only cement a feeling of innate superiority amongst girls. It is such feelings that lead automatically to a sense of entitlement to abuse the "lesser" party. I fear that it is only getting worse. And this is fueled by the neverending propaganda about the mythical Wage Gap, sexual harassment, and so on.
    • Severin_K parent reply That's my worry. This is why I strongly recommend homeschooling, and advocate for rolling back the state's virtual monopoly on education. In others, I support school choice.
  • [ – ] MindMunition reply Do the video with just a tad more energy in your voice. Other than that good analysis.
    • Severin_K parent reply I know. I've been having problems with that since I moved in to the university apartment. Maybe I'll get there.
  • [ – ] Canadian_Libertarian reply Interesting commentary. Thanks for sharing.
  • silverfox2358 reply What you need is a stronger opposition with real back bone to say no to these bitches! All we see is censorship. Also you didn't mention misandry through 3000 years of civilization and only gay men suffered when the ban on gays was passed into law with chemical castration and the birch on the backside in the isle of man. Now how many gay women have been caught by the UK police in pubs through entrapment? NONE!
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