Milo Stewart & The Special Snowflake Epidemic

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  • DarcPrynce reply Here's the thing, the snowflakes will be offended no matter what you say, so you may as well talk like a normal person and avoid using phrases like "cisgender ", which don't actually mean anything to people who live in the real world.
  • MrJoelDee reply Very good points and very well said. I have nothing against anyone's gender but when you have things as of late such as the story out of Canada recently where now if you call someone by the wrong gender, you can go to jail, the world is just out of control these days and we are getting dummer as a society. These days if you let something happen even a little bit, it just takes over. What happened to people standing up and being outraged and saying no, this is stupid, we're not going to let this happen; again referring to the story out of Canada. In my generation, people could be whoever they were but we didn't put up with ridiculousness. How did values and not being a crybaby, etc., not get instilled in and passed down through the generations after mine? When I was growing up, I was taught right from wrong and there are certain things you just don't do. It's like the attack in the UK recently that killed so many children, and people are on social media making jokes about it. THAT neve...morer should have happened in the first place, you should have better morals. But instead of outrage, for the most part, it was treated as oh that was stupid of them to say but free speech. That's all anyone wants to bark these days. If we wanna call out people for being "insensitive" it needs to be over things like that, jokes about innocent children being murdered. It makes me sick and those in the media who made those tasteless jokes should be thankful "I'm" not their boss. They'd have been out the door in 2 seconds.
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