An Update and FACE REVEAL

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  • [ – ] MikeMine2002 reply You are beautiful. I've had the reveal pic for a while now, it just has a special meaning to me, finally seeing the face of a person I love (not in that way) and initially still thinking you would've ​deleted it, i would still not had shared it as a sign of respect but now you have showed it to everyone but I still keep it. Also glad you and some people in the "meme squad" (I don't like saying that tbh, I like more the idea of you guys being just friends and family (the people you care for and love type of family)) but yeah, seriously. You guys are awesome, I love you all and I want to thank you for making my day just a little bit more happy with each video I watch. (Sh*t now I'm starting to cry while typing this) Anyway. I love you all for all that you do, I wish I could meet you all and give y'all a very big hug. I also want to thank you guys/gals for changing my life forever. Ill never regret the day I hit that subscribe button. Ever. You are special, beautiful and can't be replac...moreed. don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. Much ❤from 🇵🇷 and have a great night.
    • [ – ] Cadance parent reply I'm crying tears of happiness. Thank you for your kind words I don't know how to respond other than by saying thank you, it's fans like you who keep us all going through all the shit youtube throws our way. I hope Vidme takes off and STOMPS Youtube into the ground honestly. Also if you wanna catch us IRL we'll be at bronycon!
      • [ – ] MikeMine2002 parent reply I could only wish of going ;-; mostly since #1 I don't live in the US #2 my family is as stable (income) as a abandoned bridge, sturdy but can fall if put to too much pressure and #3 puerto rico is going through some economic problems currently so it would be harder as time goes by. Like tommorow there's gonna be a protest about the biggest prtrcan University raising it's entry fee If I'm not mistaken, so yeah... But seriously in all this time you all bring me the most joy of a day. Thank you.
    • MikeMine2002 parent reply Oh I left that cut I was going to say "glad you and some people from the meme squad are able to have a new start here in vidme, since youtube is screwing it's creators up. And hope everything goes smoothly for each of y'all".
  • SilverRonald reply WM1 Pyro is best class
  • Shadowfire reply Every time I see your face I smile because you look so nice and warmly accepting c:
  • Sisterpie reply Can I plz snoodle boop your face ^-^
  • Azerith reply Hey Cadance. glad to see you made a face reveal!
  • MsEclipse reply An update video*
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