Reading Turned Interview With My Best Friend

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  • [ – ] Minsc reply Here's some thoughts. Things in the world are black and white, we are not the ones who decide what is black and white. Heaven, hell and the final judgement. Within us is the true self and, potentially, the many false selves. At the end, during the final judgement, the false selves will be gathered together and cast into hell. The true self will proceed onward to heaven. I wouldn't call myself Christian, nor would I call myself agnostic. It does make sense there is a higher power and creator, understanding that creator is beyond me.
    • BibleandBlues parent reply Understanding God is impossible for us. It's like standing at the shores staring out over the surface of the ocean and trying to understand it's depths. But we do have the knowledge of those who have gone before us in their writings. Most people stare out from the shores, throw their hands up and walk away saying its impossible to understand God and so never try. Others wade out into the waters near the shore and observe all the pretty stuff near the shore. Still others get into a boat and venture out into the open ocean and marvel at it's all encompassing beauty. Only a very few get out of that boat and get into the depths to learn and make new discoveries. To be honest I'm just to the point of wading out into the waters near the shore, seeing the pretty coral and fish that habitat those rich waters. As I study more and more I venture further and further out. I have no idea how far I'll go while I'm here on earth.
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