Ghost Recon: Wildlands Funny Moments (Pro Interrogation, Ghost Recon Fails)

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  • [ – ] DookisWatching reply I question @MariaTheGerman driving abilities. Ya know this game gave me loads of trouble when I tried recording it on the closed beta. Same issues you had. *note to self, riding with AJ equals certain death* Awesome video!
    • AJPatz parent reply Marias driving issues man. Just makes things more difficult! More like riding with AJ equals certain win. Thanks dook!
  • [ – ] AJPatz reply Please rate my interrogation technique.
  • Mongo7706 reply Please never interrogate an infant, okay! Lol
  • MariaTheGerman reply Your outfit was top! xD Croissants and Tea! "Yo AJ... FUCK" fantastic and very inspirational words from mister clancy Pedro... good old pedro!! the tractor... I mean beautiful! xD the payrise I am still waiting!
  • Joelarki reply Didn't knew this vidme thingy you did. Anyway, driving skills: 10/10, interrogation 10/10, shooting 10/10, trolling 100/10
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