Internet Insanity: Gang Stalking

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  • CraggBragg reply Fuckers need help.
  • SpeedRave reply Just wow, these are high class insecure people. Taking every person into their mischief propaganda to brainwash them. Funny thing is, that screaming "terrorist" to random folks to shame them but using the same strategy from terrorists to lure people into weird "cult". "These guys need help" is an understatment for that. These guys need fricking Jesus!
  • lewren reply CIA NIGGERS!
  • Capt_Nemo reply When 'picking your nose' becomes a hand signal ...I might be in some trouble. Or maybe a lot of trouble.
  • deathsite1902 reply Hozly shitee these people need to be locked up. Before they kill someone.
  • [ – ] neon_wolf reply your a gang stalking shill counter psyop operative!. this is anti-gang stalker propaganda , how much did they pay you scumbag! die. . . . LOL
  • paperfoxx7 reply The clip at the very end really hits me. These people have issues: sometimes it's funny to watch, sometimes it makes you angry that they're harassing people, but the end result is still them having these horrible paranoid delusions.
  • SamEarl13 reply Wow, I'm lucky my uncle never found this group since he's already convinced a completely nonexistent group of people are stalking him. I know from talking to him that insane people believe literally anything (and before you ask he refuses help because he thinks he's fine).
  • Oddeye2017 reply Fuck! You're on Vidme too! GANG STALKER!
  • [ – ] CorpseDragon reply "I'm sure you're probably wondering how do I know these things..... Because I do." LMAO
  • Boxful reply They have eyes on the sun to watch you from everywhere
  • JadeJicama reply Ah, yes, Greg, who didn't even open his mouth in that video... truly, he is the one who raped the video taker...
  • BastardGrandfather reply wowowowow ,FUCKING BITCH!!!! , in vidme too !!!!! 100%G(6)ANG(6)STALKING(6)
  • Eggm4n reply It would be funny if IRL trolls decided to drive around in a red car and whatnot, just to screw with these people 😂
  • JFlawka reply Fucking crack is wack🤡
  • imperialterra reply if i was paid money to drive a red car and put my hand on my shoulder then that would be nice
  • ChazDragoon reply throw this into the "The Internet was a Mistake" file...holy brain hurts from the insanity.
  • Lonecomplex reply While conspiratorial paranoia has always been around, I think some of this is egged on by the solipsism of modern times. The fact that someone thinks they are self-important enough that they'd be stalked by the government is just exacerbated by the monuments to ourselves we can create on social media and the like. It's just like the Undertaker told Bret: Not everything is about you.
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