Blood Pressure is Over 9000: Idiots Review Products

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  • [ – ] jj27 reply The question is why do they care. And Is this their biggest problem in life
  • Texastom reply Wow, the perpetually offended are offended by general products for specific genders.
  • mrambassador reply Man, when undoomed gets angry You ought to feel a bit uncomfortable. We need more vids like this
  • SamEarl13 reply Buzzfeed will never learn that they and their idiotic opinions are in the minority, the packaging might pander to stereotypes (for obvious reasons) but it doesn't harm anyone (that aren't crybabies) so who cares.
  • OleCrankyGamer reply Undoomed is back and new shots of his avatar And yes, women like smooth & calm, why men want tougher shit Marketing works especially on in point, ORGANIC vegetables NON Gluten Blue/pink/fuckushia Hair dye
  • NvanzGaming reply Can always count on Buzzfeed to make an excellent video... For parodies...
  • Gavinmation reply Oh sheet, I didn't know Undoomed was on Vidme. Nice stuff!
  • KimHanson reply Okay, okay, now I get it: Blood pressure over 9000
  • pineapplesandhotsauce reply honestly, I have never even seen the "masculine" version of these ads. I've only seen the regular versions, which by the way EVERYONE IN MY FAMILY BUYS regardless of gender. This has nothing to do with oppression. Its just choice. This just proves that buzzfeed is so out of ideas, that they'll literally find the most miniscule things to complain about. What's next, are they going to say certain foods are oppressing them too?
  • KevinXY1989 reply Why don't the FAT FAGGOT USE TAMPONS WIEL HE'S AT IT!!
  • Tellie1980 reply Why does Buzzfeed deem it necessary to always have feminine men in their videos? Why do they have to make a huge deal about nothing? Why do they always throw oppression in? I suppose in their leftist commie utopia they might be happy but it's doubtful. All Snowflakes are never happy. Omg this video is terrible. I only watched it for the laughs.
  • Jameo reply Let it out Undoomed let it out!!!! Tell them how you feel. Fuck Buzzfeed pure fucking cancer.
  • NuclearBadger reply Unless the shop workers are forbidding you from buying the other, why don't these faggots just buy the women's version?
  • Ishiku_542561_aka_xchoibitschibi reply Calm down undoomed. jesus your blood pressure is reaching super tegan tega guren topa levels! !!!!!!!
  • FunnyTang0 reply you have the creepiest intro
  • DomsPlaylist reply Want me to check out one of your Videos?? Comment on one of my Latest videos and link Your video. I promise I'll Check every Video out :)
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