running low on disk-space?

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  • [ – ] Preposterown reply Helped out with this article: Provides some pretty interesting info, to say the least.
  • [ – ] IvyFoliage reply I saw Infowars Editor Paul Joseph Watson say he will be here as a backup to YouTube, but not sure what this is:
  • FUNKANIC reply I have received the email and uploaded a video in response, I'm basically not welcome here.
  • [ – ] MaatDa reply I will follow you wherever you go. I guess I'm hardcore :-)
    • SirRidealot parent reply at the moment it is YouTube and (some videos are only available on one or the other platform) I am also looking in to Looks like that site has 0 censorship. But uploads/processing take very long time.
  • WhiteWolf2412 reply Thanks for letting us know ... Minds is weird platform indeed, and not just for the reasons you have stated. VidMe will have either to expand , or to collapse. Slava ! :)
  • redbeardthepirate reply Thanks for covering this! I've reached out to vidme staff for them to elaborate on the issue but am not expecting much.
  • [ – ] ikki6567 reply How about upload direct to Patreon ( or Hatreon ) for those that support you? I'm pretty sure everyone can afford at least $1.00 per month if they enjoy a creator's content. Perhaps I'm missing something in terms of the technical aspect of uploading?
    • [ – ] SirRidealot parent reply Discoverability is the main problem. I do not do it for money. Not setup on either of the monetization platforms and my YouTube channel was never monetized. Perhaps will become more video friendly platform at some point. Time will tell.
      • [ – ] ikki6567 parent reply It's a shame, because I do not think it's the right message to reward Google when they've been the shit they have. But I concede there's not much choice for creators. However not regretting that I flushed all my Google accounts.
        • [ – ] SirRidealot parent reply I have moved off Gmail, and pretty much everything, except I still have a YouTube account. Doubt it will be for long. Either a viable alternative will arrive, or comes around with a different business model, or fixes their video platform. There are creators who are far more edgy and far more popular than I ever will be. They will be looking for a new platform. I despise the fact that current circumstances force me to stay with YouTube. But here we are. did not sent me an over-quota notification yet. Maybe they do it to selected accounts. I do not know. There was no correspondence from them on the subject. But there are at least two creators that complain about it on the Vidme section right now...
          • ikki6567 parent reply Thanks for letting me know. Greatly appreciate your work; the video on the arms-dealing was top-notch, very important and inaccessible to most of us. Hat-off and looking for you in future.
  • [ – ] CoffeeWithComment reply Yeah after Vidme updated I thought "Daaaamnnn all that work SirRidalot put into an intro video..." I'm hoping most of us remain unscathed... but I think in order to truly settle somewhere, we need a hands-off approach. I'll be trying to figure out BitChute and uploading there... but somehow I'm not sure that's the "FINAL SOLUTION" we're looking for.
    • SirRidealot parent reply I have spent many hours on bitchute yesterday. Was only able to upload one video. Their interface is written by a semi-evolved monkey. Site is clumsy. After waiting for an hour to upload a 8min clip it then told me that it can't save it. Tried that in three different browsers. Did not work. I will not use it, until they figure out their interface. Also playback does not work in Brave.
  • Simon1945 reply Thanks for the update, it's easy for the viewer, just a click or two, but a much bigger problem for the creator, hope this can all be resolved.
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