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  • [ – ] BookSmart reply People are complaining so much about this 50 gb limit. Just can't handle when someone moves their cheese...
    • SeaTactics parent reply I decided to make this video not another "rabble rabble" video. I hope people appreciate it, I'll make another video on the limit soon, probably tomorrow. I recently just got a new computer!
  • [ – ] spookyboo reply I do hope they change it somehow. YouTube just demonetized another horror narrator's videos recently. SMH We all need a place to grow.
    • [ – ] SeaTactics parent reply All I've been seeing on my twitter feed is all of the demonetization that's been happening. People are finally realizing it's happening, and no one is safe from this.
      • spookyboo parent reply So far all of mine went back to monetized, but I'm still losing money like crazy so I made a website. Unfortunately, they don't put ads inside the embedded videos here yet, but I have other affiliate programs. I really just want to write for a living.
  • [ – ] albanothemadman reply It was surprising that the community is actually a community here! Now all we need is video responses! Thanks, dude!
  • JustHypeVibe reply Trust the Vidme Staff. I'm sure they have bright ideas in the future. :)
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