My Response to Dave Cullen and his Consequences of Denying Reality

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  • quickhats reply Islam is the problem. There is death for apostacy, death for adultery and death to the unbelievers. As for the person that committed the attack not being an immigrant when someone says they were not integrated... well he wasn't integrated, clearly. It is not a minority/tiny amount that supports these attacks and also not a minority that would NOT report these so called fundamentalists. There are large numbers. The Joe Cox murder thing was stupid to bring up. That's one instance compared to many attacks that all share the same traits (islam). You are trying to defend an ideology that want you to submit or die.
  • Slaughter223 reply ....yes that is what they least in the U.S. the left tends to lump all of the right and any one that doesn't agree with them in the same boat. ...and Islam is the problem you say it is just the fundamentalists. ..but you fail to consider one point ......those within Islam don't do anything about it and it doesn't help that even a fraction of a billion people is still a large army of individuals who want to kill rape and extort anyone who doesn't obey Islam.
  • Slaughter223 reply Let me ask this....if Islam is not the problem then why is it that any place under Islamic control is the why it is? Why are muslims taking control of areas all over Europe and trying to enforce shria law instead of adapting to local laws and customs ?
  • Tezlosunion reply Dave Cullen made minds? You may want to fact check that statement.
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