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"Hollywood Assault on the Black Mind - Browder 1" "好萊塢攻擊黑心-布勞德 1"

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August 8 2017

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Video description: You can donate to this brotha - If you choose. Black women, you have to quit thinking that just because you come from the south, you have to resemble the "big mama" image. That's a stereotype. No offense to the heavier women. All I'm saying is make sure you are healthy. Quit letting men tell you how your figure should look. Quit belittling yourselves. True enough, everyone is shaped differently, yet you don't have to be morbidly obese. Soul food can be yummy; eat moderately. Umkay! Obese is relative. The reason it's relative is because the doctor's weight charts are, sometimes, inaccurate. Morbidly obese is when you have so much weight you can barely walk or fit through your hallways, vehicles etc. ... You know what I mean. -Tamika Jolly (That's not to "crack" on anyone; it's the truth.) Meaning of crack: "a joke, typically a critical or unkind one. synonyms: joke · witticism · quip · jibe · barb · taunt · sneer · insult · gag · wisecrack · funny · dig"

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