They DIDN'T want to MATCH The PRICE

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  • RubenLeija reply @MysteryMrR idk about Casey feel lol but thanks :D I'm checking BluntedBeatz right now. Very sweet music. Will have to use some of this music on some of my vids for the future. Thanks for letting me know
  • MysteryMrR reply I like the Casey Neistat feel. If you ever run out of music I suggest BluntedBeatz. They have a chill/hiphop-ish style that I think will go good with your videos.
  • Sneakingtexan reply best buy has terrible customer service
  • QuazzVids reply And yea dude, Best Buy can be hit or miss with their price match honoring. Micro Center has been amazing to me though. Maybe you live near Micro Center or a Fry's? Check them out.
  • QuazzVids reply Dope editing, dude!
  • RubenLeija reply @spiesche @OnlyLevelOne thank you for the upvote :)
  • RubenLeija reply @Sneakingtexan you can say that again
  • RubenLeija reply @QuazzVids I didn't know Micro Center also price match, good to know cuz that's closer to me. The gorillapod is $80, wow! Best Buy was $60. Glad you enjoyed the vid :)
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