How to Tactical Kayak Like a Country Boy

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  • Weatheredeye reply Tactical as fuck. Raptors ain't no joke out in the boonies.
  • CatPaws reply Nothing wrong with that! I can be a complete and total dork too in the right company and if I'm not It's because I don't feel free to be myself (that's when I know I'm around the wrong ppl!) I love your personality! Keep doing you and the right ppl will appreciate it. Godspeed my friend.
  • Country_Boy_Tactical reply Ha Ha, I can't help it Cat, too much work and too little whiskey and plus I am a huge dork. Always have been. =D
  • CatPaws reply LOL!! And you call ME badass?? Haha... You are too much Tac!
  • Country_Boy_Tactical reply Somebody tell me what the hell that op is by my icon? Cat, that's when you know you're around the right people, they love you for you and not what they can get from you. "Those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter." Weatheredeye, Country Boy Tactical as FUCK!! Gotta watch out for the Grizzies, wolves where I am and the cats. Not the San Fran grizzies either. :P
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