Mormonism VS Book of Mormon

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  • Ekkman reply You mentioned the Three Kingdoms and I wanted to say something there too. The Mormons have the terrestrial (earthly) Kingdom and the Celestial (heavenly) Kingdom then they had to make up a word for the third Kingdom which didn't exist, the telestial kingdom.
  • Ekkman reply I also meant to ask you to check out my Mormonism Part 1 AND Part 2 Thanks
  • Ekkman reply I don't know how to answer your comments like I do in YouTube so I am answering it here. I don't think you really listened to my videos based on what you said below. Mosiah 15:1-3. AND your other comment ANY BOOK can promise you greater things but promising things and fulfilling those promises are two entirely different things. You named two promises and you CAN'T show me those promises being fulfilled, you just think they will be because of your books even though they contradict each other in many places and I have shown just a few of those places. ID you die without Jesus someone getting dunked in water for you won't help you in the least BESIDES water baptism always comes after salvation in the word of God, the KJV, never before salvation and it MOST certainly doesn't save anyone. Please listen to my video again since i don;t think you really heard it the first time. IN closing, Jesus Christ can save you from sin IF you see your sinful condition before him and he is NOT in...more the god making business, Only Satan is into it and the kind of gods he makes will end up in hell like he will. It is hot and dark down there, you don't want to go to that place,. Ask the Lord Jesus Christ to forgive you and he will, he is a prayer away and when he comes into your life, you will KNOW it. He did not come to give you religion but a relationship with him. Oh yea, there is no marriage in heaven,
  • Hamann9631 reply One promise is the Book of Mormon is that if we will accept it, we will receive greater things. Baptisms for the dead and the three degrees of glory are examples of those things.
  • Hamann9631 reply When the Book of Mormon said that God would take on flesh, Jehovah the true God didn't have a spiritual body.
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