Supplement's WTF!!!

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  • [ – ] SunsetPop reply Dude totally get what you mean about the protein shake bloat haha. I just cut out the shakes and eat real food. It is cheaper (sometimes) and better. Great vid bruh!!
  • [ – ] RAGEfit reply Interesting 🤔🤔 I'll have to not take protein powder for a few days and see if my stomach looks anymore defined
    • [ – ] Actual-Fitness parent reply Yeah man you should definitely give it a try I wouldn't expect a lot in terms of definition you have to focus on dropping actual body fat for that one. but if you find that you feel bloated or have trouble holding a vacuum or that your belly is constantly pushing outward this could potentially alleviate those problems. I found it so annoying that my lower belly was constantly bulging out regardless that the rest of my body was in great shape. This helped me out a lot
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