I GOT SORE.... 😭 ► MY FIRST VR EXPERIENCE (HTC Vive + Virtual Portal HK)

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  • HailKira reply Glad you got to experience virtual reality! So much fun! Sometimes I play for so long Im sore for days afterwards... Damn boxing games... lol. You will probably find you get used to VR. The first few times I played I felt a little odd afterward. Especially if the game has artificial movement.
  • [ – ] AlValentyn reply Sore for the next three to four days? Sounds like Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. Must have been a little workout.
    • [ – ] PanickedPixel parent reply Haha, well, it was 1 hour filled with movement and I haven't exactly been exercising as regularly recently. Probably need to work on that this year.
      • AlValentyn parent reply Can always do what I did. Buy some adjustable weights, and when bored or watching a movie use them. :) I have one of those old steppers as well, it's been used so much it's stuck in the hardest position. So instead of just walking it's like pushing on a light leg press. Usually just use that when watching CNBC or a movie down stairs.
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