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  • [ – ] StayandPlay reply Still think Dark Chocolate is the best IMHO
  • [ – ] Craftwithcookies reply Am I the only one who has a GF who dosen't suck my money or gets mad at me? The one issue is that we live miles apart right now. (I met her before dont worry) but when I get back, I get to see her oh yea baby
    • TheGamerDarius parent reply You're not alone man. Mine lives 7000 miles from me in the Philippines. We've been together for 3 years now. Man, distance suuucks.
  • [ – ] Rawman reply Robert sounds nice he brings flowers but he flopped on the restaurant lol. You got the worst luck on Valentine's lol. The Valentine's plans you have sound great i plan to do the same stuff. I hate to be that guy and say this I'm not saying for those reasons. i also made a Valentine's video and it reminds me of yours a bit with a few points. Great video though i really liked it. You stories where funny and relateable i love it.
    • [ – ] KayToons parent reply I seem to have the worst luck everyday, haha. I'm glad you liked my video! I'll check your out :)
      • Rawman parent reply Thanks very much i wasn't fishing i promise lol i just wanted to make conversation. You seem like you have learnt to accept you poor luck and found a way to manifest it into humour which is fascinating. Its such an amazing ability you should do a video one day maybe on how you turn these situations from luck into comic relief lol. I would have cracked after robert!
  • [ – ] Silentsenior09 reply This just made me think about how alright I have it; I'd rather be "single ready to mingle" than have a date who's trying to kill me. My apologies you had those past experiences; on the bright side, those past date horror stories did allow you to animate some hilarious animations. That aside, I'm glad you found someone who understands how to keep things safe, simple and enjoyable for you both. ^^
  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply It sounds like you were under-appreciated by all those boyfriends. Bet they're sorry now! We'll just call those learning experiences. But they made good grist for your animating mill. The faces you drew for the "about to cry face" scene in the restaurant were cool. Like ghosts. Anyway, thank you for sharing your personal stories with us. It takes a lot of courage to do so. And thanks for going through the work of animating them and making them interesting. Way to go!
  • ThatMagnetMan reply Nice hearing your experiences regarding February.
  • lemonadeandlatte reply Really good video! Discount Chocolate Day... Official!
  • Calibri_Funtimes reply OMG I celebrate Discount Chocolate Day, too!!!
  • theoldsparrow reply Good pep talk. I usually have the luck of not being in a relationship on Valentine's Day which is a 50-50 less stress/kind of lonely situation. I thought I was the only one that just thought of it as a good chance to get cheap chocolates. I love mixed chocolates.
  • [ – ] BrassCandy reply Hey, props on drawing all the dates on the calendars. True dedication.
  • [ – ] Luciful_Mephisto reply Meh, the only Holidays I ever cared anything for is Christmas, for religious purposes (and gifts XP), and Halloween. Halloween is my equivalent to Christmas. There is not a day I love more. We'd usually have takeout, a bowl of candy corn, and the candy trick-or-treaters didnt take. Which, lucky for me, was most of it since there didnt seem to be many Treaters around for some reason (maybe the parents didnt want their kids out). Then I finish the night off by watching something from Studio Ghibli. God, those are really good memories.
  • [ – ] Camatola reply We need a new name for Valentine's Day for Single people, how about single bacon day?..... HAPPY SINGLE BACON DAY!
  • [ – ] JustHypeVibe reply We all have that partner that we'll really meet in the future all we need is patience and the right time 👍 Still it's better to be single though :)
  • [ – ] Dos_Gaming reply I'm in an awkward situation where my partner is far away at the moment... It feels weird...
  • [ – ] RetroBit reply I really enjoyed your animation. It's just a great time to watch. Also DISCOUNT CHOCOLATE DAY RULES! :D
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