Concerns About VidMe Verification Changes

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  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply Those are two very valid points. When I posted my first video up in February the thing I wanted most was to be able to post to the anime and manga category. It takes a lot of visibility away to not be able to post a video to the subject of the targeted viewers of your videos. That makes it harder to get to 50 followers so it's a downward spiral. The limit also means you can't be as productive which means less of a chance to get eyeballs on your videos because there's less of them. This does have a practical purpose though of making sure someone with a youtube account with hundreds of videos over the years doesn't just dump their entire catalog all at once clogging up a category or the new page. When it comes to follow for follow I had an idea of maybe an algorithm that caps your ability to follow people pegged to your current followers. I'm still iffy about this because it is a big limitation of freedom to use the site but it would easily prevent people with 30 followers and them follo...morewing almost 6,000 people. Another solution is to go a step further and just cap how many people you can follow which means you would have to pay attention to whom you follow and regularly clean out your list. I think these are not good solutions but they are an effort into combating follow for follow. The big problem I don't have a solution for is bots. I'm not sure what to do about that but that is going to be a big problem when legitimate people are having trouble getting to 50 followers and then someone can just bot their way to 50. I guess that will make it harder on the people doing the verified account judging because they will now have to check out the followers to make sure the applicant isn't cheating. Sorry about this being so long.
    • RSNAnime parent reply Thank you for the long comment, don't apologize at all, I feel I did something right if I give someone so much to say. While I see your point about how this would prevent someone from YouTube just dumping their videos here, I don't think it would do much. If a big enough YouTuber said they were going to start posting here, it wouldn't take long for them to hit 50, then they could get verified, then they could post everything at once. I see why you're annoyed by that since I've seen one person post several of his old videos with a comment about them being outdated in the title. So what's even the point of posting them here? I've thought about posting some of my YouTube only videos here, but I'd only do it with those that I feel are still relevant, not just ones that mattered for a couple weeks. I think a restriction on the number of people channels could follow coudl work. I don't think they should be it based off their number of followers since there are some people who just watch vi...moredeos and don't post their own, but maybe a limit to how many new channels they could follow per day or week or something? Bots would be harder to mitigate, but a manual check could help a work around. We'll have to see though.
  • [ – ] lambdog76 reply over here from the link you shared on Reddit, you've made some great points, I have engaged on this subject as my verification has been denied even though I have 2500 YouTube subs. long story short, I'm glad for the snub as I really am capable of better content than what I've been doing on either platform. now that I have had some time here I see a need for an immigration of viewers, so cross platform shoutouts and word of mouth are a must.
    • [ – ] RSNAnime parent reply Yeah, I guess they don't count YouTube subs, though I'm sure you could find some that would be willing to follow you over here, especially if they have already made an account over here for other reasons. I was lucky enough to be verified early, but it would be hard for me to get the few followers I do have without the features I have available.
      • lambdog76 parent reply What is crazy is that for the time being, a non verified account almost seems to be recognized as more valuable as it may indicate a pure viewer. Maybe I should resend my application and enjoy the limelight? :)
  • [ – ] Everything_Animated reply I'm almost at 50 but not quite. Thankfully I got on the Vidme train before they changed that process. Long time no speak friend. Someday I'll get back into reviews lol.
    • RSNAnime parent reply Glad to hear from you again, and yeah, this change isn't affecting me personally, but could hurt those joining the site now.
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