Feminism is Irrelevant

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  • B1488 reply (((Feminism))) is (((Communism))) in a dress.
  • Nicole_Is_Skeptical reply great video! i am now following you!
  • OSheasRebellion reply So your not a "free bleeder". Noted ;-)
  • wolfalexzemla reply If i could hire woman for less money I would start a business and make huge profits because I could be more competitive. good video, like your analytical thinking.
  • ElfoOscuro reply Thanks for speaking out! We need more women being clear about this Soros-funded brainwashing agenda
  • nethrelm reply Good video. I've watched a couple now and you have a stellar personality.
  • Venaloid reply The biggest complaint I have about this video is... the interlacing. Otherwise, good stuff.
  • [ – ] LeonLaGrey reply Excellent video, I haven't catch up with this via YT. I haven't heard nothing yet from the Feminist this month, since we had like the 3 feminist protest from Jan-March but nothing big happen in April I'm glad.
    • [ – ] LibertyDoll parent reply You mean, SO FAR. haha There was a Equal Pay Day or some crap, but I don't remember if that was beginning of April or end of March
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