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  • [ – ] PREPVETUK reply Ah - Elderflowers.. A GREAT plant - makes good cordial and wine too. The berries make excellent bait for fresh water fishing.
    • [ – ] Thornack parent reply thanks for the comment! yeah I once made juice from it, very nice. sadly fishing for food is not really allowed here, and not quite safe, lot of poisoned waters here....
      • [ – ] PREPVETUK parent reply The waters are poisoned? With what? Is fishing outlawed or do you need a license? Or its because of the poison?
        • Thornack parent reply metals, drug poison. not all waters tough, but there are much that have the reputation. you need a license, and that is only for recreation, as far as I know. maybe a topic to do some better research on. I only heard it from a few fishers man I know.
  • WhiteWolf2412 reply Stinging nettle which was briefly featured in video is also amazing healing and magical plant. Lovely video :)
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