VLOG 46 Personal talk about sexuality

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  • [ – ] MrJoelDee reply Personally, I believe one should never be ashamed of talking about their sexuality or sexual things. I know sometimes it can be embarrassing, as I have been embarrassed myself before, but I try not to be because everyone has sex and does sexual things and it's all totally normal. Be very careful with the sexual vitamin supplements. Often times they have not been tested or approved by the FDA and often times are just a gimmick to take your money. They don't actually work. Always do your research and read a lot of reviews, not from the company's website, as they'll almost always be positive, before you buy. Sorry, I'm not meaning to sound bossy or anything, just speaking from past experience. Sometimes, I think the body can be just weird at any age. Sometimes I can be, if you'll pardon the expression, like super horny to be with someone, and sometimes things work in a matter of minutes, other times it can take much longer. I try not to worry about it and just go with the flow. Anyway, I'...morem pretty open about myself and sexual things, so anything you may want to ask or be curious about from a guys point of view, I would answer truthfully. Not trying to sound weird or anything, just saying I'm someone you can talk to openly about this stuff if you were to choose to.
    • [ – ] JannaJonna parent reply I am also pretty skeptic about those pills but there weren't any sketchy ingredients used so I took the leap of faith. Nothing to lose and I get some vitamins. Also brand is very popular and trusted (in Finland at least) so I am expecting it not to be dangerous. Thank you for your concern anyhow :3 That is true, sometimes it just takes more time! There is no pressure from boyfriends side. I just feel sometimes a bit sad that I can't make our relationship full this way. Sex reduces stress and enhances togetherness (ughh what a wordmonster) so I would want that more in our live
      • MrJoelDee parent reply Yeah from what I could tell, the ingredient list looked familiar, no harmful stuff. Glad you are watching out and being safe. Glad there is no pressure from the boyfriend too. It's nice to have someone who is patient and understanding.
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply LoL great opening line, soon as I saw the title I went woah, this is going to be a doozie! OK unpause time, back to the video. Lusty lip balm, come on you don't even need to apply it, the name works for me, oops, it's not about me. Cringy moment, nah, it was fun.
    • [ – ] JannaJonna parent reply Haha I don't know why but I just started giggling at your comment 😂 I quess I was kinda nervous to post this but now the tension is gone
      • [ – ] JustABloke parent reply It's not something you see everyday, but from the very first video I saw of yours I knew straight away that not only do you have an outgoing charismatic personality, your confidence really does show through. Alot of us are exactly this way but inside some of us are a total mess, and no way we going to show that side to anyone. You're doing fine :-)
        • [ – ] JannaJonna parent reply "Outgoing charismatic personality" that is new 👀 confident yes, but those others are something that I don't see in myself. I have hardly any friends so I have always seen myself as unpleasant, boring and shy. And I am really clear introvert (disguised as extrovert)..
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