How To Quit Smoking: the Most Important Step to Quit Smoking

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  • [ – ] DavidTeunissen reply Stopped now for 3 weeks with vaping went from 12 mg nicotine to 6 mg nicotine next step 3 than 0 and take my time it's the second time I try to stop after 27 years ..last summer I went cold turkey for 3 weeks.. this time it's so much more planned and it feels already good thanks for the follow and positive message.
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Nice insights in your video. I quit smoking over a decade ago. I was chain smoking and my lungs got so bad I couldn't breathe right anymore. I didn't feel I could quit and I didn't appreciate anyone telling me what to do. I set my intent to give up the habit but nothing changed. Then I got really sick - flu or something - and I hated the taste and smell of cigarettes during illness. So I just kept putting off having a cigarette, telling myself I'd pick it up again when I was feeling better. A week later I was feeling alright but the habit of reaching for a cigarette was broken enough that I tested myself to see how long I could hold out. Never went back. Like you mentioned, it helped that I wasn't drinking at the time. Alcohol always pulled me towards smoking. It was killing me yet I didn't care. When something makes you feel good you don't want to give it up. I feel for everyone who can't break the habit. Its scary to live without the crutch, but you get used to it and distract yourse...morelf another way. Thanks for sharing your personal story.
    • Charlton parent reply So true. Thanks for telling your story too. Maybe more people can read these things and hear these things and find a way to get free those little bastards (as my older brother calls them, he's tried hard many times to quit unsuccessfully). I totally agree with so much of what you said. Thanks, Charlton
  • [ – ] Eisenkaiser reply The electric cigarette helped me quit smoking. This was 4 years ago and I never started again. You know how? I once tried e-cig liquid without nicotine for a week. It had caffeine instead. There I realized that I didn't notice any difference and just quit from there on.
    • Charlton parent reply it's so unreal the stories i keep hearing. thanks so much for sharing your comments. It hard to explain the pride and freedom you feel once you're over it
  • [ – ] JokerMouce reply I have 1 cigarette left as I listen to your tips. I have tried over and over to quit and I am attempting again. Ive tried the electric cig but that didnt help. Ive tried patches, sprays, gum, pills, just about everything there is in the quit smoking arsonal. Today i am gonna try something new, sheer will power and prayer. Wish me luck....
    • LazyCook parent reply Part of the problem is with the language we use to ourselves. Try words like, "I am going to quit smoking by Friday." Words like 'attempt' and 'trying' 'hoping' are not feeding the right messages to your subconscious. Your brain is amazing, and if you feed it right, it will use everything it knows to produce a blueprint for success - in any endeavour. If this sounds pedantic, it is not my intent. You can and you will.
  • [ – ] opaxel1967 reply Stopped smoking 6. Novenver 16 .. using electric cigarettes , vaporizing as we call it .. no problem .. wont go back to real ones !!
    • [ – ] Charlton parent reply that's what I'm talking about, keep it up great going, maybe you'll go all the way WHEN YOU ARE READY, not up to me right. that's one of the reasons I made the video from one former smoker to another, but knowing I dont want to push anyone. I know I didnt want to be pushed esp about quitting smoking
  • WhatNextSunshine reply Most important step: never smoke agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain :-D
  • UnarmoredForce reply Damn, it sure is hard to quit smoking! I remember smoking for a good 5 years (not even close to 25 years), but quit thanks to the combination of vape and setting/sticking to the goals I set for myself. I remember the withdrawal symptoms were nasty, but managed to make it easier by mixing my own liquids and slowly lowering the dose of nicotine in my vape. Soon I even quit vaping. The other hard part was exactly getting rid of the habit of having a smoke while waiting for a bus or while having a drink. Now I can be even in the company of smokers without really even having that creeping thought of having one and it feels good to be free. And now I'm like a completely different person than I was back then. This is a good subject to talk about; I think it's important to help those who want to quit and not judge those who don't.
  • Vick-McBread reply .... Robin Williams? Thanks for the follow. But why? I'm working on a vid right now.
  • A_Psy_Thinking_Outside_The_Box07 reply Always better to hear from a smoker than somebody who did observe them not because my observing experience is not good but because you know what is to be addicted to cigarette and I did not experience it. This being said, it's not funny that they add all those chemical products to the nicotine so that the periods stop-back, stop-back, stop-back makes the person feel that they fail and that is not the problem. The problem is that it must get to the point that your mind gets stronger than your addiction and before that, it's going to stop-back up cycles. Sure it would help the smokers to quit if the cies making those cigarettes would really be sued omg...
  • A_Psy_Thinking_Outside_The_Box07 reply Hello, I am not a smoker and never was but have observed smokers in my life. Why it is so hard to stop is because of all the chemicals products added to the nicotine to make you dependent. So how to quit smoking is that you need to get to a point that your mind gets stronger than your addiction (otherwise you stay in the cycle stop-back) and the best way to stop is to put an end to it by stopping cold turkey.
  • Bulldog789 reply i saw that you followed me!
  • LazyCook reply I quit in 2005 using the William Rushton Guaranteed Method - I stopped putting cigarettes to my mouth and lighting them :) Good luck and respect to anybody quitting. All misery stems from desire, so control your desire and misery will never control you. You are way tougher than you think you are.
  • SoFLaGamer reply YOOOO great vid!! I quit about 2 months ago, but I allow myself 1 cigarette a day if any at all and I don't crave them through out the day anymore. Fight the good fight!
  • FinPatriot reply I switched to vaping almost two years ago. Hads down it is the easiest way to get rid off cancer sticks.
  • Larry666 reply Congratulations Charlton. I'm always happy for anyone who makes it. I quit for 9 months once. Gotta try again. I like to perform and sing, and I'm getting older. I'm not a drinker either, but when I perform, I notice that people at bars that don't normally smoke, bum cigarettes when they're drinking. BTW, I roll my own now, and they're only about a dollar a pack and much easier on my lungs than the pre-packaged ones. I really couldn't afford the price of commercial cigarettes today.
  • [ – ] Larry666 reply A timely video Charlton. I recently quit smoking pot. Now I want to try to quit the cigs--4 packs a day for 44 years. Thanks!
    • [ – ] Charlton parent reply Tons easier this way, I didnt mention in video for whatever reason, but definitely makes it easier if that's not in the picture. Half the reason I smoked W was because I so so enjoyed the cigarette (actually I would have 2 back to back most times, and that was trending toward 3) immediately after smoking W. It's not quite as undoing as being drunk, but again it makes it easier if thats not in the mix. It's weird I smoked W forever, especially since I quit drinking at a fairly young age (23/24) and that's all I did, nothing else no hard stuff, that's why I quit drinking in the first place, lead to hard stuff everytime in the end, but for some reason I cant' totally put my finger on, I just kinda stopped smoking W right around the same time I quit smoking cigs, but it's not as though I decided to, or forced myself stop W. I dont know. But now that I dont anymore, I do not miss it, and kinda think it really wasnt that great all that time, even though I did it for so long so consistently. ...moreAnyhow, just sharing my situation. And thank you so for sharing yours. Good dude. Charlton
      • [ – ] Larry666 parent reply Agree with all you said. Life is going better without W, but cigs are tougher habit. I'm mentally working up to it. Thanks man.
        • Charlton parent reply You're trying and you sound like you have a positive attitude, so there's 2 great things right there. Stating the obvious maybe but... focus on the positive... stay positive... life's too short to beat yourself up for what you have'nt done, instead see what you are doing or trying to do etc (I know a bit fortune kookie psych... it's the 1st cup caffeine makes me this way, indulge me). Good luck talk to you later.
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