Vermont Issues 58: Semi-annual Vermont Teachers' Strike Looms

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  • Whovian72 reply Morturary science, man that is a dead-end job.
  • American_Devil reply Awkward, not wanting to be the first comment... But here I am, LOL
  • AmandaAnderson_1 reply There needs to be another teachers strike here in Las Vegas. The school board treats everyone like shit and demands more money from the public. Now they aren't getting it and there is a shortage. But the school board won't cut their own salaries or luxuries. Oh no. Make the teachers pay for, have a pay freeze, and gut the health insurance to HMO.
  • DankMcDreamcast reply Vermont sounds really chaotic, Here in Michigan It's decent depending on the city, I didn't live in Detroit so I didn't have to deal with writing on leaves and using victim's body from gun fights for biology while using C64s and Vacuum tubed Computers, lol joking aside Just privatized it, lol I was using the TuneIn App to listen to some Public radio station from LV Nevada, This chick was so stupid, "private education is bad because capitalism results in gains!" lol what a dumb bitch, of course you gain cash! But guess what! You get higher quality teaching. Lol after she spoke and the weird cartoony dry lady host passed the turn to a pro charter schools advocate, he actually present facts over feels. I really need to visit Vermont, so meany interesting stories in such a small state. I even saw some radio station from there pretty interesting stations~
  • ARTPAD reply You would make an excellent actor as Duckies assistant on NCIS
  • thehfgman reply Styx is right some schools in Texas look like prisons cops in schools, K9 units, fences, security guards, metal detectors and cameras. I shit you not.
  • thehfgman reply I thought only the schools in this part of the country were completely corrupt.
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