Baby Number #8 Is on there way!👶 4K | DancingSouless Family Life

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  • DancingSouless reply As I HAD TO WARN Everyone on Youtube I am putten the same disclaimer here so no one can say they did not see what i wrote. you have no excuses now. 🚔🚨🔊📢👏 Be WARNED! NO HATE Will Be Tolerated. you will be reported, Block and muted.I will Be Putten these disclaimers in all of my videos. As I know not all people can be happy about what is the most beautiful👶 thing & Happiest😄 Occasion in this world. This world is full of 😡Hate &Toxicity💀 recently and I wont tolerate it at all on our channel or any channel i see it on! I will do the same on other channels reporting and helping Our Youtube & Vidme Community to be better and not SO TOXIC☣☢ AS IT had become since the presidential election. 👿HATE NEEDS TO STOP🛑⏹ AND LOVE 💖NEEDS TO PREVAIL😄. #LoveisLove 🌈👭👫👬💖💛💗💚💜💙🌈👏🔊📢🚔🚨
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