Vermont Issues 75: The Abnormally Warm September of 2017

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  • VladimirRatedR reply The flag is back!
  • CarlSorrellian reply I miss last weeks heat wave already.
  • thehfgman reply It actually snowed in south texas back in I think 2003 that was great.
  • The_Eldritch_Bee reply It's strange I thrive during the winter and Autumn, I start to taper off around mid Spring. During summer I get, depressed and lazy. It wasn't like that until I joined the army and I went to Fort Drum after I left Fort Drum I go nanners once summer hits.
  • MatisonKeeneyIV reply Iā€™m actually excited to get back to Colorado after spending 2009-2017 in south Florida. It was nice while it lasted. I need my dryness but I also hope Colorado gets plenty of the fluffy wet snow over the winter, it tends to be a little on the warmer side when those winters come. Good vid!
  • American_Devil reply Your up early and all dressed up, Church this morning? Just kidding, LOL The effect of whatever is happening with the weather has given Western Washington Longer nicer summers and colder more defined winters... For now, :)
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