Parts Of A European Sword

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  • [ – ] MaitreMarkScully reply actually, the fuller was a blood letting device. Some re-enactor prat once said it is not and everyone believed them. If you stick your saber blade through someones lung, the suction will be strong enough for you not to be able to pull it out. Serious and true. I read old books on dueling and memoirs of old soldiers. The triangular blade of the epee makes a three sided star hole and the suction of the lung sucks it open, there is loss of pressure and they can not get any breath in and die. But the slit from a saber through the lung is not necessarily fatal, the suction sucks the slit wound shut, and if your blade is in there without fullers it is stuck fast, the fullers stop the lung suction and without the suction the blood flows out and you can pull your blade out. Believe me.
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