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  • [ – ] MysticSword reply If you're planning to do gaming on a PC, you can use software to capture and record the gameplay, along with your webcam if you like. If you want to capture from a gaming-system, then a capture-card, such as an Elgato model (which seem to be popular for Gamers) could do it. I've not used a capture card myself (I do all my gaming on my PC / Desktop computer), so I can't really give any specifics about it. But yeah, if wanting to get into PC gaming, then having a decent desktop computer I'd say is the way to go. With a good PC, video-rendering would also probably be a lot faster than an old whimpy laptop. That's a bummer you have sucky internet. It sure can make it difficult to be a content-creator. Anyways, good luck with everything. PS: Though it's not much, I sent you a little something via PayPal. I wanted to give some encouragement. Cheers! :)
    • [ – ] SamEarl13 parent reply Very good comment, I'm hoping to eventually convince my Nan (who I live with since she's disabled) to swap Sky for freeview and use that money to get better internet. I noticed the donation, it was awesome and I'll 100% make sure I'll save it up to make my channel better.
      • MysticSword parent reply I'm a live-in care-giver for my Mom, who's elderly now, she has various health issues and isn't too mobile anymore. So I can relate to what it's like to take care of someone. Anyways, use any donations as you need it, sometimes life-stuff crops up too. Hopefully some other Users can help out a bit as well. Best wishes.
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