Fan Gmod Animation: Terrible Warriors - Max Brand

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  • [ – ] DeskZombie reply I've made gmod animations before, and they're not easy to do well. You did a good job keeping those gestures smooth and connected, and the audio is synced to the mouth and facial expressions nicely.
    • Brologic_Productions parent reply Well, thank you! I really appreciate the comment, and I'm glad to like it! Like any form of animation takes some practice and analysis to pull this off. Stop Motion Helper also helped a lot but things like easing, like with the "Not one, Not two," still need that attention to detail. Audio syncing was the main goal I wanted to achieve here and I'm glad it came out the way it did which I used a program called papagayo to help me with getting the key frames as lip syncing is really hard without the sound and visual representation of the file broken down into frames. :3
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