Bombshell DM Release Indicates Seth Rich was Likely DNC Leaker According to Guccifer 2.0

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  • [ – ] void1029 reply Honestly 99% of the time if the IP address is in Russia, the hacker's not in Russia.
  • SkogComplex reply I thought everyone knew it was Rich. I loved the sloppy hit job too, called a 'robbery', as if any dindu in DC would shoot someone in the back and then forget to go through their pockets. Hell , usually another dindu comes along afterward and goes through their pockets again, just in case the hitter missed something. Rich was assassinated , obviously and sloppily.
  • [ – ] unclebillscamping reply Unbelievable how obvious it was that he was executed for betraying the dnc and clinton and yet nothing was done at all.
    • Prohaskanation parent reply They trampled over his memory by shifting the blame to Russia. Amazing combination of ruthlessness and ineptitude coming out of the DNC.
  • Justin_Kase reply I don't know if Styx reads the comments here but, if so, I want to suggest a video about the "White Helmets" and what reliable sources exist on the ground in Syria. It seems that all sides claim to know the facts from reliable sources but they all have different facts and sources. It's hard for the average Joe to make heads or tails of it. It's obvious that the propaganda machine is running full blast at this point.
  • WickedWonka reply A lot of people are dying under, mysterious circumstances. Very strange indeed.
  • StolenMoment reply pizza delivery? pizza? ping pong?
  • Prohaskanation reply We are of one mind Styx.
  • Prohaskanation reply As if the case for #SethRich as the source of #DNCLeak wasn't good enough already.
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