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  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply It kind of sounds menacing, like something bad coming at you that you have to deal with. Sounds good, though. Well done!
  • [ – ] nodetact reply This sounds spot on like someone arming themselves to mobilize! As per usual, soundboard music can take quite a beating in the feedback world (even if it's actually good OST like this one video here!), and so to give you a solid motivator, I think you should look at some of @FrostGalaxy and some of his familiar genre songs. He's already upvoted this video himself, so I reckon that even as random as his videos tend to be (and he admits to it, so no offense to him) you both may still learn from each other, shits 'n giggles or serious! G'luck in any of YOUR future endeavors, and until next time, ~Tony
    • krookogator parent reply Hey mate thanks for the HUGE amount of support, and yeah I see what you mean by it getting a beating, I have seen it for my self but luckily me nor frosty have received any hate (probably because of the amazing community). But yeah funny you mention him because me and him are good friends and yeah he does make similar content but to be honest his music videos are much more interesting than mine XD
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