GhostControl Inc | Episode 1: Phasmatis Apage! (real ghost in the beginning??)

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  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply Being in the game was ego pleasing. That 40s style news anchor voice had me dying laughing. Great start to a great series. I hope to see more.
    • [ – ] MFKraven parent reply I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm really nervous at how people will react to it, do you have any criticism? Should I continue to record my reactions or do you think my voice alone would suffice?
      • theoldsparrow parent reply Don't be nervous. That was really entertaining and I don't have anything negative to say about it. If anything you sold me this game because a business sim with action RPG elements are right up my alley and you made it look really fun. I would rather get your reaction if it doesn't make it too hard to edit. That's one of the best parts.
  • [ – ] CloeKitten reply What the hell were those sounds in the beginning?? Geezus! Talking about ghosts and haunted buildings and playing this game. You must have balls of steel.
    • [ – ] MFKraven parent reply you know i never found out, its certainly unnerving. I thinking of having a Lets Play of a horror game in that building with the lights off. I just love the rush but i was shitting bricks tbh :p
  • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep reply I've never heard of this game before but it seems really fun! Definitely got some Ghostbusters influence here you know? And how dare they mess with the COFFEE MACHINE? That's the most important thing in the world you know? Apart from the coffee beans. Will check out your other videos, hee hee! I like that you play unique games not many people play!
    • MFKraven parent reply Thank you Bobby! Right? Stupid ghosts messing with the coffee!!! I've been called a "gaming hipster" by a lot of people before. I just enjoy games that devs pour their heart and soul into.
  • [ – ] KinTailFox reply How dare that fucking ghost interrupt your intro! That bastard. #3spooky5me Yay! I'm a science nerd! Oh I'm cheap alright. Man, I laughed so much because of that comment. Also, getting to rub virtual shoulders with someone as awesome as @theoldsparrow made my day! That's why I came so cheap 😉 Thanks for adding me to the series. I'm really enjoying the series. Don't be nervous, it's a solid video and I absolutely can't wait to see more!
    • KinTailFox parent reply Man, I look like such a bad ass laying superior smack down on ghosties and stuff. I really love this series so much and thanks for the plug friend 😛
  • MFKraven reply Feautured in this video: @theoldsparrow, @KinTailFox @SomeSpookyAssGhost
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