Speed Paint #2 - Element Destiny

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  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Your story Element Destiny sounds really awesome! I can't wait to see what you come up with. It's cool to have a project that captures your passion. The excitement it creates can travel with you throughout your day and inspire you continually. I wish you well with that! And it's nice hearing you talk on your videos. Your art is pretty neat! You have a lot of patience with it. Thanks for sharing it with us!
    • KayToons parent reply Very well said! You have to be very patient when making art. You can't get things perfect on the first try. With me being a very impatient person it gets difficult sometimes, haha but this passion project that I have is what motivates me to keep trying and learning new things and how to perfect others. I'm glad you enjoy it all! :)
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply Element destiny sounds exciting. I personally have an identification with wind over other elements. Not that I'm into newagey stuff much but I like wind and I tend to use it more in the RPG video games I've played like Suikoden and the older Final Fantasies.
    • KayToons parent reply I've never really played with, or have seen any wind characters in any games. I'm more of a water user myself, especially when there's healing abilities involved.
  • [ – ] BedtimeGaming reply I always love your art, and I really find your idea super interesting, would love to see the working progress. Talking wise I wish you talked through the whole video, haha just felt weird to have you talk, then to not have you talk, but still a great video. :)
    • KayToons parent reply Thank you, I'm glad you enjoy my art even though I'm just a noob still learning haha. I'm working on trying to talk longer in these videos. The next one I'll try and talk through the entire thing, no matter how hard it'll be!
  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply Element Destiny sounds really good, I like the weapons and characters the grass(seed)gun sounds cool. Hopefully we do get to see the speed art of one of the characters. I'm curious how they would look.
    • KayToons parent reply Thank you, I'm glad it sounds interesting! I'm working on learning how to draw in a new style, so hopefully soon I can do one on each character or at least on my favorite one (Blair)
  • [ – ] KayToons reply Do you guys even like that I talk or would you rather just have my shut up and draw? lol
    • phantom_films parent reply keep the talking.
    • nodetact parent reply It's complicated. If only you had benched the speed draw and were actually talking whilst drawing, it would have even been to your own benefit, because multitasking is healthy when pursued. I see that you are somewhere in the middle of royalty free music speed draws and traditional side to side commentary, which makes sense considering your rural location, hardy had har! But anyways, I understand if this is how you prefer to do it, I just advise a longer term approach if you wanted at least me to watch these visual asthetics - we have a video player with time scroll for a reason, you know! ;D
    • MarzieMalfoy parent reply Keep talking dude!! :)
  • [ – ] Hoshi-Hana reply Sounds interesting with the story and the characters. The monsters sounds cool. So Pathos would be for the emotional state, logos is the logic you possess and ethos. It's basically how much people believe you in a social context or characteristic context. It could be something with manipulation but I don't know xD Great video! :D
    • KayToons parent reply Thank you! And yes, I was thinking about manipulation when I came up with the idea. It was all being based off of us watching commercials and connecting what the commercial was trying to do with our emotions. I hope I can do something similar but at a wider scale.
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