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  • [ – ] s1lverFoX reply We can use the internet without the need of censorship if parents just pay attention to what their kids are watching. There are terrible videos targeted to kids, learn to filter those by selecting not interested. Other than that realize that you might need to step in and alter the entertainment your kids access. No one else can do this just you as a parent know what is acceptable in your house. It is no different that knowing what your child's friends are up to. No filter can "fix" the internet so please governments/corporations/advertisers stop trying.
    • BenjiJames parent reply Exactly! :) Having more people chime in with their own opinions, regardless of what that opinion might be, is what makes good conversations like these thrive.
  • [ – ] edt49er reply People not knowing how to parent are what's hurting online media. We have the freedom to upload whatever we want, then they go and freak out because they let their kids watch it. You can easily control what your kids watch, it's really not difficult
    • BenjiJames parent reply **Tips fedora as i turn to walk into the sunset in slow motion while epic lord of the rings music plays in the background**
  • [ – ] UnauthorizedExpression reply The real problem here is single mothers. Turns out women aren't nearly as good at raising children as we previously thought. Here's a test you can do for yourself. Next time you hear a brat throwing a fit in a store, go find that little walking abortion ad and I promise you there will be a single mother attached to it. No man in sight.
  • [ – ] Wolfer reply I love your recording space, it looks REALLY nice! ^_^ Great audio quality too! Overall, great video! I think us content creators are all on the same page when it comes to this issue so it makes the most sense for this video to be a message specifically for parents, WSJ, and advertisers...the problem is they're SO damn pretentious and their nores are so above all that they'll probably never see it, but I still think it's important to make videos like this so good on ya!
  • Dos_Gaming reply My parents loved to show me adult content and now I am one of the nicest humans on earth.
  • [ – ] AmateurBellyDance reply Harsh!!!
  • Huxshot reply Good video, it seems that the mainstream always attacks anything it does not understand. This behavior is pretty much the same as they have done with video games where parents will use a game console to babysit their kids. It stems from the same problem that parents are not being parents through not watching what their kids are watching or games that they are playing.
  • TallTaleTV reply Rather than complain that your kid was exposed to a bad word, violence or nudity, why not let them see it and then TALK to them about it. They might just get a sense of reality before you kick them out of the house and make them fend for themselves. I saw stacks of movies like Tin Drum, The Odessa files, and Dr. Zhivago by the time I was EIGHT. By the time I hit middle school I had a healthy respect for women and an understanding that the world didn't work like a Disney movie. Be proactive with your kids, they can take it.
  • [ – ] undeadbobop reply Pretty sure you meant SJW not WSJ. Your message isn't going to hit the intended audience, these people don't look at vidme, they don't look at youtube, they are afraid to learn anything new, they are afraid of anything that contradicts their believes, they don't care they simply just want to enforce and enslave the rest of us to live life like they do to try to rationalize what horrible things they do.
    • [ – ] CodeHandLuke parent reply He meant the Wall Street Journal (because they was saying how Youtube is being inappropriate) but SJW works as well.
      • BenjiJames parent reply Don't worry, this video is just a heads up to the general public for now (Hence it being called "part 1") - giving everyone a heads up on what i'm actually working on. Just like i did in my very first doco related to Toby Turner (on my YT channel), i made sure i covered as much as i possibly could so there couldn't be any blow-back. That's how much research i'm doing for this new doco ;)
      • vanners parent reply WSJ is a subset of SJW
    • BenjiJames parent reply If people want this to hit it's intended audience, then the people will make it so... I'm willing to lay out the facts, information, etc, and take whatever heat i get, but it's my audience that needs to act as my voice in order for the message to be heard. As i said to someone else in my YT channel and FB page comments to this same video -- "in order to fight anything that puts us, the people, in the line of danger, you need to think outside the box and go for the pillars and base that hold up the fort first. Going straight for the fort can result in no results at all. That's what i'm doing; thinking outside the box compared to what everyone else is doing -- complaining about how YouTube is tanking and they've been put in a position that's gonna bring the little guys and themselves down -- it's time to actually do something about this".
  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply Censorship is all about control, I stand for freedom of speech, choice and self expression, what youtube is doing is deliberately destroying our own invisibility as small content creators and make us non existed they expect us to be a consumer with no future of our own existence, well we all know that we are trying to escape from mainstream media and censorship Bullshit, this is why use vidme content creators need to stand together as a community and fight against censorship.
    • OrionBlastar parent reply It is more about Youtube catering to SJWS, parents, companies that advertise on Youtube, and other groups. In order to do that they ban and or censor people, they don't like or that has a different opinion than they have. When the USA has founded Freedom of Speech was important for political debates and other things. England had censored people in newspapers and Ben Franklin had to write under pen names to get around that. It was Tipper Gore in the USA that wanted to rate songs and video games, this banning and censorship came from the left. Youtube/Google/Alphabet is still left leaning so they reward people with liberal views and punish those with different views. Not knowing that there are 37 to 42 viewpoints that aren't liberal. Messing with the way people get paid on Youtube was another thing.
  • BenjiJames reply Just adding something for the LOL's from another conversation on another video -- the first comments i ever deleted from someone who liked writing 'bible length' comments and responses in overly drawn out ways -- I can't stand it when people get all bent outta shape and triggered when people say shit like "nigga G", "only 2 genders", "that's gay (aka lame)", and apparent slurs or commentary alike... nobody cares. I say that shit all the time on livestream, in person, on my videos, etc. Face of the matter is; I could care less if you get offended by certain things i say. That's your problem. Unless of course, what i'm saying is intended to hurt you, belittle and insult you directly in a 100% non-satirical fashion... in which case, i'd be in the wrong. Screen-capping 1 lengthy, pointless as conversation which literally had you go off on a tangent over and over again about the same shit and then had me respond with "dude, chill" (obviously add or remove a word/sentence or so, lol) over an...mored over again, then sending those conversations to trigger happy people who jizz over the SJW related topics, doesn't prove anything, nor will it deter me from saying whatever i wana say. Nor does it prove anything on my end if i delete your comment (only ever done it to 1 dude - the one i'm referring to), except for the fact that it's early hours of the morning, and you simply became a pain in my ass - i don't have time for your bullshit :) Am i triggered? Yep. Do i care to share it with the world? Why not. Lol! Because who needs that toxic shit chillin' in your system. RANT OVER. Carry on, people :) -- I'm sure you'll be hearing about this conversation i'm referring to at some point, whether it be here or online somewhere. So keep an eye out ;)
  • _Royalty reply Follow me because I have a shout out Sunday series on my account so follow me to enter and gave followers.
  • MackenzieLambert reply Wasn't there already a YouTube Kids? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of a restricted mode?
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