YouTube, Please Restore Ad Revenue for Journalists Reporting on War & Political Conflicts

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  • [ – ] SheriDondalski reply Where is the link to the petition?
    • RepresentativePress parent reply The link was embedded in the video and it was working BUT changed this video from an embed to a copy (which I don't want it to be) I wanted my videos to be embedded here so that the view count goes up for the YouTube video and the annotations still work. Again, here is the link the the petition:
    • RepresentativePress parent reply
  • [ – ] dimpleskey reply I agree elamgad...covering butts big time ...I'm smellin some media pedos in the mix
  • [ – ] ElamGad reply They won't do it because they're protecting our elite ruling class from being exposed.
    • RepresentativePress parent reply That looks like what they want to do. BUT there is a chance of changing to back and regardless, we need everyone to know what they are up to so the petition serves that very important function: calling them out and letting many people know the specific tactics being used against those who try to report the truth about the powers that be.
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