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  • [ – ] VGJustice reply I really didn't like the movie. I felt like it was talking down to me, pretending to be smarter than it was but painstakingly explaining every twist and it's outcome. I also feel like it betrayed the original not in the sense of defining Dekard but in changing the replicants. None of them were supposed to live very long. Giving them "open ended lifespans" was a creation for this movie to make their plot work and have an excuse to put Harrison Ford in the movie. The acting is really good, though. As is the cinematography and the visual effects. But I just don't feel like it did enough with what it had. There's no mystique here.
    • nodetact parent reply As much as there are loose strings that bother audiences for having never effectively been explained for story lines (arguably the most important part of any visual craft, albeit because Dave had the insightful notion to point out otherwise, other areas still deserve to be fleshed out in order to properly manifest the most out of said craft, or it can even still go downhill), at the same time too much exposition is a very cumbersome, regrettable thing - even if its meant to outsource such feats as too many action sequences/entertainment values, OST-less moments and the like. The first movie was rather rusty, thick and intimidating, but Hell, many movies in the eyes of us millennial youngsters are going to be too out of place to feel the tensions necessary. My great buddy @WebNoob saw both, and you can tell she was far from disappointment aside of a few kinks in the reboot. The problem isn't practically when they monotonously recycle what was already good in the past, it's when they us...moree that as an excuse to not do anything else original, as per Mr. Cullen again. Sure, if there's too many releases that are CONSTANTLY UNIQUE FROM ONE ANOTHER, I'd be freaked out all the same somehow. But at least that kind of fear would be of joy, pride and grace. Actually, now that you think of it, aren't episodes within television shows supposed to be unique from one another, as in, even if still following through with a linear focus not lost on the direction of its flow, such shows that prove they are not limited in their appeals to people: They can make you laugh and cry and angry and amazed and peaceful and all the good stuff. My full length claymation series Project Tether has every right for its creator to be afraid of screwing up its operations, be it too fast or slow a pace, weak plot, cliche character developments, poor video editing, crappy backgrounds and foregrounds, too much exposition versus too much entertainment and all that bad stuff. Yet my secret weapon need be a secret whatsoever: Be yourself...
  • Rudy12 reply I am very young (13) and I'm enjoy this movie. I love original and love sequel too
  • MikeSyxx reply Blade Runner 2049: Exposition The Movie
  • GreatPlanesOfWW3 reply This is really cool. I'm making the serial "Great Planes Of WW3" I just started my new channel, I'm an animator, and I need followers. Can you guys watch the first episode of my animated serial:
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