Rose-Play S7: E2: Let's Play The Walking Dead: Season 2 Part 1 - Do You Remember?

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  • [ – ] Dreyson reply I'll give you Alvin and Pete. They didn't make me want to walk off a bridge
    • [ – ] Aurian_MoonRose parent reply LMAO! So Agreed ^_^ The two most interesting characters or maybe even likable and they thought yeah, let's kill them the earliest. -slaps forehead- especially Pete I'd of rather have Pete then Nick. It's why I chose him. Sometimes Telltale can really upset the fans I know they did with whoever if any survived Season 2 with Clem and how they dealt with them both -shakes my head-
      • [ – ] Dreyson parent reply Yeah but there's only so much you can do with this story so I guess they just gotta start killing people off
        • [ – ] Aurian_MoonRose parent reply True, I mean that's what the creator of the comics was all about that no one lives forever in a zombie apocalypse. He still even has plans to supposedly kill Rick Grimes off and let his son take over. Only rumored tho.
  • [ – ] Dreyson reply I'm not gonna lie to you.. Besides Clem there's not a character in this season I actually like.
    • Aurian_MoonRose parent reply Clem is more then likely why anyone really came back to The Walking Dead Season 2. So good to at least know your stance on this. As for me I do have one more character that I did enjoy this Season. One I wasn't expecting. Otherwise I at least thought Pete & Alvin was alright in my opinion.
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