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  • [ – ] BalloonTrain reply Yo!!! You took my suggestion! I love the change of style with your character. Really feels like he's talking to the audience. God I love this game so much. I literally spent a week just binge playing the game hardcore. I love the little details that you mentioned like the sound of the equipment while he's running too. Great review once again!
    • DanRoot parent reply Also, thanks for the tip!
    • [ – ] DanRoot parent reply Thanks so much! Well I think your comment was the first of a few to make my character a bit more dynamic, so I'm glad you approve! And yes, this game wins so hard.
      • BalloonTrain parent reply So cool. And you deserved it! Your animated reviews are top notch for sure. Plus the fact that you actually take feedback from your viewers, that's not something you see all the time!
  • [ – ] GamingBrixMark reply Awesome video, the best Zelda review that I've seen. Well done Dan. I score this review 9.999/10
  • [ – ] mechriot reply Awesome review and awesome animation! :) The spiderman gag was great ;)
  • [ – ] Proto reply Yes another DanRoot video. This time on Zelda!!! I also made a review on this game. I 100% agree, but you noticed a lot more easter eggs. Interesting!!
  • [ – ] ComplaintsOfAnEnglishman reply I have to say i enjoyed this i liked the animation of your character and who doesn't like Breath of the wild, so you where onto a winner here. keep it up mate
  • [ – ] sarah reply wow, i always knew this game was really aesthetically pleasing to watch (seriously, the art and music are both so beautiful) but after watching your review, it makes me want to actually play the game myself. too bad i don't have a switch!
    • [ – ] DanRoot parent reply Ahw, thanks so much! Well, if you have a Wii U, you can get it for that, too :-)
      • [ – ] sarah parent reply i don't have the wii u, that's why! and if anything, i'd rather get the switch since it's newer :)
        • DanRoot parent reply That's fair. The end of the year might be the better time to get one as there'll be a tonne of games by then!
  • [ – ] USUandS reply I have yet to play the game, but I like hearing what others have to say about it. I like how you referenced other works of art as you went on, which I think kept my interest as I watched (I'm watching Arrested Development after I finish this.) Your take over the word "legend" was intriguing to listen to as well. I'm not very picky about the timeline from game to game because of how Nintendo has presented it, but unknowingly I think I've also viewed each game as it's own retelling, unless said so otherwise. Anyways, well produced and I very much enjoyed watching!
  • [ – ] Marshmeowlo reply heheheh his little nub hands
  • [ – ] jtarrats reply Do not play games anymore but game looks amazing .
  • [ – ] Bombiz reply this is an original animation? shouldn't it be a review?
    • DanRoot parent reply It's difficult, because it falls under more than one tag, and I'm more proud of the animation than the review, but I guess it's a majority review.
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