How I Made an Indian Scammer LOSE IT (Mental Breakdown)

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  • [ – ] 1astrokid1 reply I think you should forget about YouTube. I am a long time subscriber and I love what you do. You should advertise your other channels like the one on where you can monetize, have paid subscriptions and be tipped for your content. It sucks that you have to go from 4.3 million to a few thousand but those who love your content will follow you if it means leaving YouTube or having YouTube be your secondary channel. I wish you the best of luck and hope that you get more money.
    • zulhailmie parent reply I agree. Use Youtube as a preview channel and redirect them to vidme to watch the whole thing. It's not against ToS, yet.
  • SoggyCow reply this shit is so funny!!
  • geotechland reply Yep, Im moving to vidme too
  • Raptoria reply People are coming to vidme by the day. YouTube was great and all but if it's not gonna let people be creative then it crossed it self out. RIP YouTube..
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