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  • Netsurferx reply I am honored that you made this video for me - Thank you . It wasn't necessary. A little short on naked tho.. LOL I am so sorry that the exhibit didn't pan out but I have a suggestion if I may. You don't need that guy - I will tell you why. I have a friend of mine that is a photographer and what she does is hosts a viewing in a cafe. Hangs her pictures and invites people to view. You and the other person should do that and I am sure you will do better then in a gallery. Just saying think about it. Let me know if you need support.
  • GivesAMinute reply Here's a reason why I dig! Nudity is not a problem! Congrats Suze!! You're awesome
  • [ – ] Netsurferx reply It is a good feeling to help someone that is trying so hard to get were they want to go in life. Someday when your famous you will remember me and who knows were that will go. Like I said - us it well and best of luck
    • AdventuresOfSuze parent reply I'm so grateful....I might use it to hire a car for a week as I've had no transport to get around that would be the most exciting thing...I can get to yoga and the beach again!!!!! πŸ™πŸΌβ€οΈ
  • Netsurferx reply For the refreshments at the showing - good luck
  • [ – ] nicmet reply Great video. Hope to see more of this nice place and nice you. I would've tipped the video more, but I got a new car yesterday and I am broke till the end of the month :)
  • Netsurferx reply Well if you get to the beach in the picture you posted on instagram it reminds me of a beach that i was in Jamaica years ago. We took horses there and hung out naked all day swimming with them - made a fire and had lunch. Brings back good times
  • AdventuresOfSuze reply Wow @aanor thank you for your TIP I am so overwhelmed how generous everyone is.....πŸ˜πŸ™πŸΌ
  • AdventuresOfSuze reply Netsurfex WOW! Thank you for your tip, that's incredibly generous! Such a BEAUTIFUL surprise!!!! I just had news that one of my best friends got the all clear from cancer, so I was already celebrating today, and during my meditation I asked for a sign that everything is going to be ok, that I will find a source of income now that my book sponsorship has ended, and what a perfect sign to TRUST. The Universe always delivers!!! Thank you for such a sweet surprise 😘
  • AdventuresOfSuze reply Thanks netsurferx funnily enough we are doing something similar to that! My friend has an apartment in the city and she has generously offered us her whole apartment as a pop up gallery!!! Yes I trust it's going to be magical!!! Thanks for your support πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜Š
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