Axiological Deprivationalism Necessitates Value/Disvalue Commensurability [2015-12-10]

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  • AntiBullshitMan reply A video from December 2015, originally uploaded on YouTube under the same title. Mirroring it here as my first video on this site because it's one of the shorter ones I have on the backburner, and I've been informed that I need at least one video on here in order to get my channel 'verified' so that my uploads can surpass the 30 minute length restriction.
  • [ – ] Sectual reply My precious!!! This is the new frontier!!! <3 We're here together!!! <3
    • [ – ] AntiBullshitMan parent reply Nice to see you too :) I guess this is the online equivalent of the multiverse. Now if I can just get this site to actually play the video I uploaded, all will be peachy. (maybe it already plays for you & others, just not me)
      • [ – ] Sectual parent reply Indeed it does play for me!!!
        • [ – ] AntiBullshitMan parent reply Didn't expect that, but it's good news I guess. Here's to the next video being playable for everyone, even the uploader. [new paragraph appeal] So, will you be mirroring your YouTube vids here, or starting from scratch?
          • Sectual parent reply I'll only be uploading my new videos! I can't wait to make content to post here. I've got some intensely serious shit to say. With a valley girl accent of course...
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