How NOT to CS:GO #1

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  • CanDoKen reply OMF 4:45 is the funniest, and I mean THE FUNNIEST thing I have EVER SEEN IN MY FREAKING LIFE.
  • [ – ] CanDoKen reply Oh my gosh! I love the chat edits that you did above the heads! How did you do that!?
    • [ – ] Lecor parent reply It's called motion tracking. It takes a long time to do, but I think the result is worth it.
      • [ – ] CanDoKen parent reply Honestly, it was amazing. It caught my eye and I just found it so cool and unique. I've never seen that before. Did you edit this in Vegas?
        • Lecor parent reply Nah. In Premiere Pro and After Effects, but it can definitely be done in Vegas. The text just needs to be moved frame by frame.
    • CanDoKen parent reply Oh BTW i'd love to do a collab. I'm a CSGO addict.
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