Accepting Sargon’s Samantha Bee Challenge

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  • chrishazfun reply "Multiculturalism: Working Since Never" - Dave Cullen 2k17
  • [ – ] The_OGG reply Alcohol is clearly cheating
  • [ – ] FrancisGo reply Sorry for beginning this was an identity-qualifier, but as a brown person, I feel guilty for admitting this, but I want London English. I want those other cultures to be added in small doses and assimilate into English society so we don't get things like swimsuit model advertising being banned on subway trains. I want more Neil Gaiman and Salmon Rushdie's in the world who stand up for freedom of speech. I never thought being a liberal in a free society meant I was signing up for upholding the values of a religion I never joined. I like Sufism. Going to throw that out there. But I like swimsuit models and freedom of speech a whole lot more. *starts dancing*
  • [ – ] crissymoss reply We continue to fact check the MSM in hopes that they might get embarrassed.... Except they haven't yet.
    • Xexor parent reply Samantha Bee might as well have said this. I'm guessing that what most people actually thought after hearing her "joke".
  • SamEarl13 reply I'd say the footage in this video is already too much of that person to handle, I've never heard so much thinly veiled attacks, stereotyping and racism in 'news' before now (guess I'm lucky).
  • [ – ] vanners reply I'll skip the challenge, I lost my masochistic tenancies in my teens. Hats off to those who try it so I don't have to.
  • [ – ] pjalmighty42 reply Crap. 10 seconds and then skipped to the next part. #SamanthaBeeISCancer
    • Xexor parent reply Well, at least he got the most important part. She actually *does* shut up. #HowIsSheStillEmployed
    • RoboLynx parent reply Yeah pretty sure you're not allowed to skip forward which means Dave failed the challenge. Not that I blame him.
  • c_arnold03 reply That guy in the green jacket screaming, "NOOOoooo," always brings a heart laugh to my lips.
  • TacticCrush reply Five beers later...
  • PirateMonkE reply Man... I probably should have followed your example and popped some beers before clicking play. It was hard to watch this video from beginning to end just because of the Samantha Bee clips. I fucking can't stand her and her unfunny "jokes". I'm not even going to attempt Sargon's challenge. The few clips played in this video was enough Samantha Bee to last me a life-time.
  • GeneralJackRipper reply "As much as I might love making fun of journalists." No, my dear Samantha, you desperately wish you WERE a journalist, instead of a D-List Comedienne who inherited her spot on Comedy Central from a washed-up C-List Comedian, who moved on to replace a B-List Comedian on a late-night talk show no one watches anymore. You are the sad, shattered, fragmentary remnant of an entertainment concept that began to die off over a decade ago. Look at Samantha Bee's face, study it well, for that is the face of crippling depression.
  • GAConyers reply I LOVE the beginning of this. It's been a while since you showed off your humour.
  • blazedu reply that's some cancerous material right there.
  • Kuldebar reply <B CF Great video, if we ever get to the future, I hope it is kind to all of us, but the memory hole is a dangerous thing.
  • Insidio reply White Boy and You Fucked to Over - AI GO ROGUE
  • SirBlankFace reply I've tried watch her videos before, always just went down to the comments.
  • CaptainFrugal reply I'm out.... slams the door and walks away.
  • Leitis reply You need to read Culture of Critique
  • DATroll-ultimate-Edition reply Morticians clean & dress a corpse to make it look presentable before being thrown into the fire, perhaps this is why Samantha dressed up ?
  • MarketStrategies reply How much media coverage is there about the white genocide going on in South Africa right now? Yeah, that's right
  • SilentAssassin reply You lasted longer than I ever could
  • freerangehobo reply I was born a white male and raised by a black woman for the first four years of my life,because my white mother abandoned me shortly after giving birth to me. Those first years of my life I remember as the most loving years I ever experienced for the rest of my life. To this day, that lovely dark skinned lady is the only person who was in my life, that left me grieving after her death. As a result, I learned to have compassion for all races, yet I continue to be trashed as a bigoted white supremacist by the many left wing "parrots ", who are mostly white, ignorant, unread and emotionally driven by baseless And unreasoning hype. This, in spite of the fact that I am surrounded by black, Hispanic, Asian and Indian/Arab friends and neighbors. Those Libtards only want to fight. They only want to be right. This will be their downfall.
  • KekistanHerald reply "Multiculturalism: working since absolutely never." - Quote of the year!
  • KekistanHerald reply Nope. Fuck that.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Honey nut Cheerios save the Bees, sorry I'll have to pass after watching this.
  • MaskofConflict reply Is it considered cheating that you didn't do it sober? =p I'd try it myself, but I don't want to lose my poor brain cells.
  • RebelRadio reply seriously?? can i just inject myself with a syringe full of Ebola instead?
  • JadeJicama reply Good lord, what was with her pants in the correspondent's dinner... the black stripe down her pants leg was all I could focus on.
  • SunsetPop reply Atleast she has thigh gap... what...
  • TheShittingChair reply Samantha Bee, who's that? I don't watch TV.
  • Thaddeus reply The alcohol is visibly taking effect lol
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