Athena - NES - Only Level One

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  • [ – ] Squiggs reply Really cool idea with this series
  • [ – ] Rawman reply Never heard of this game but it looks cool. You are really entertaining i like it. Them times when you speed up haha. You will not beat the level 1 of journey to sillius... NO ONE CAN!!!!! haha. I will check in a moment if you have played that game. Also how do you decide which megaman level to play? again i will check if you did that already. So my comment might be 100% irrelevant.. errrmm. 8BitEric plugged you on facebook that is how i heard about you so when I see you name here I checked it out. Really liked this concept pretty cool. Also will you ever move on from NES?
    • [ – ] OnlyLevelOne parent reply Thanks! I haven't played Journey to Silius on this show yet, but I played it and have actually beaten the first level. The last guy is a pain, but it's very much doable. -- Every Mega Man game has a best order to use as some power ups work better with certain bosses. I go with the first level from this list. -- Eric is a really great guy. -- I actually plan on starting SNES and Genesis this summer which will mean 3 daily videos at that time (NES, SNES, and Gensis).
      • [ – ] Rawman parent reply journey to silius is going to be interesting to see how you play that especially considering you know it. Eric is cool he was one of the ones who showed me about this site. 3 videos a day! WOW YOU ARE AMBITIOUS!! Good luck for that its gunna be interesting.
    • [ – ] Rawman parent reply also, how do you get your video of the gameplay to have an angle like that?
      • [ – ] OnlyLevelOne parent reply I use Xsplit Broadcaster to record these and there's an option to set angles.
        • [ – ] Rawman parent reply ahhh i see ok no worries i thought it was post. great stuff man! keep the levels coming!
          • [ – ] OnlyLevelOne parent reply I originally did it in post, in Adobe Premiere, but have since create a way for all of my compositing to be done live, during recording. This saves a lot of post edit time. All I do in post now are the "fun" edits (make the video enjoyable to watch). All the layout work is already done.
            • [ – ] Rawman parent reply well it honestly looks perfect and if you didnt mention it id have assumed it was all post because it is so clean. that is a very efficient method of making content. would you ever consider rom hacks such as kaizo? (maybe for special events or days) but potential a more reasonable one or just using save states?
              • [ – ] OnlyLevelOne parent reply After I cover all the North American NES games I'll move on to other regions (Famicom, Europeon, and others) as well as unlicensed games. Then to finish off the NES series I will do popular Hacks and Homebrew games. So, yes, Kaizo will be a part of it. (even though I'm not looking forward to that stressful playthrough. lol.)
  • [ – ] JadeJicama reply Lots of Zelda 2-alike games came out just after Zelda 2, if I remember correctly... So, you have that to look forward to.
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