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  • [ – ] wolfalexzemla reply I like the half naked girl who is she
    • KEM_67 parent reply I permit myself to answer your question on behalf of ForgottenRoots.. This painting is one of a series of paintings called "Sleeping Beauties" by Serge Marshennikov. I guess you should ask Serge for the models name.
  • NewsJunky1 reply In Defense of Minor Attracted People or I Think it's Genocide. Grandparents were a rare breed until 30,000 years ago... when life expectancy grew People lived short brutish lives in our ancient history, 30,000 years ago, often dying around age 30. If girls didn't get started reproducing just as soon as they hit puberty, they might not have lived long enough to see that their own children made it to puberty themselves; people had to reproduce early, the species literately depended on it. Therefor, it's no coincidence that the age of puberty is some where around half the age of 30. It also explains why there are so many people accused of being pedophiles, that's the way nature has made some of us, to be attracted to youth as a reproductive strategy. But rather than discuss why there seems to be so many “pedophiles”, we chose to just throw them in jail. Truth is, it's...more the way nature made them through evolution. We are still running on 200,000 year old software, and no stupid, recently created, feel good, socially constructed laws are going to change that. There was no supportive social services in those ancient times and young girls who lost their families either died or grew up quick. The ones that were attracted to older men survived and eventually reproduced. That is why you have girls who like older men, and men who like young girls. It's an adaptive strategy that worked in the past; simple as that. Men taking in young girls was natures answer to a social safety net. It also explains why the model industry has such young models, they know men are attracted to youth, beauty and neoteny (look up the word). No one really thought much of it back in the day when Calvin Klein was using a 14 year old Brook Shields as a model. Only recently are people outraged so much of over so little. I really think it is so the deep state can use it as a way to control our politicians. Makes you wonder. Why persecute people for the way nature made them if they are not hurting anyone? No wonder the birth rate in western civilization is declining. Unfortunately, as always, religious prudes are standing in the way of sound reason but try to get your heads around the idea, it's a sound theory. It very well might have made the difference between the human race surviving, and not to acknowledge this possibility is just being unreasonable. The economy has changed but our biology hasn't. There is nothing wrong with being attracted to girls, and boys, around the age of puberty. It's just recently that young people can't find work, and people are stretching their child like behavior all the way into their 30's. Throwing people in jail for having an interest in young girls, and boys, around the age of puberty is just predatory policing for money, just like with drugs. Lawyers, politicians, law enforcement types, persecuting people for non-violent crimes that shouldn't even be crimes in the first place, like drugs, which is really just to defend the racketeering of the medical/phama industry, and to prop up their socialist, make-work jobs. Being attracted to youth doesn't make one a monster, it's the way nature made us. What does make one a monster is destroying the lives of innocent men, and women, who did nothing more than follow their human nature. Not only does it destroy the lives of men when they are taken to prison but destroys the lives of the families, and pets, that depend on them. Think of all the poor animals that get hauled off to animal shelters,and get killed, because their owners get put in prison for stupid non-violent crimes; feeding the prison industry. If I was a cop, I would have trouble sleeping at night for thinking about all the lives I destroyed. Morality is just an abstract concept, a social construct created by parochial minded religious people that are trying to make you submit to their antiquated group think. They often craft shaming language toward you, accusing you of having a “high hope for a low heaven." Evil and morality are points of view. Picture a cat playing with a mouse. To the cat, he is just playing with his food. To the mouse, the cat is the equivalent of evil it's self. This on the other hand, this is not evil, this is evolution adapting people to be attracted to youth as an adaptive strategy. It's the way we have evolved and is why there are so many "supposed pedophiles" everyone is freaking out about. This is the realist's perspective who lives by natural law - Life is a question, asked of the Universe, "Is this right?"...and answered by death if it isn't. We literally evolved, through evolution, to be attracted to youth and neoteny to survive! I would say the age of consent of 12, like in Mexico, is about right for a legal cut off. So, every one, stop being uptight prudes, know that everyone is different, and just because you don't like something doesn't mean that it isn't or wasn't at some point a good thing. Older people taking in younger people, as companions, was natures answer to a social safety net, there was no welfare for them when their parents died at an early age. Again, our biology hasn't changed, only the laws, and peoples brainwashed, reactive monkey, heard like perspectives. Think for yourselves people! We are throwing people in jail for stupid non violent crimes longer then people who attempt, or succeed, in murder because some stupid politicians were grandstanding for tougher laws that we didn't need. It doesn't even begin to make sense unless you consider it is being used to manipulate politicians through deep-state intimidation. Seems to me some arm twisting like that would explain a lot about the crazy decisions our politicians have made. Nature gave us every thing we need to consent to sex and that is the drive to have sex. Do other animals wait for a certain age to have sex after they become able to sexually reproduce? No. It's just as stupid to put limits on it for us after one has reached puberty. People had jobs at those ages 100 years ago. My father would be 90 this year if he was still alive and he told me that when he was 14 he earned a man's wage reading water meters. Every one was younger in the past, on average, than they are now. In 1900, 18 percent of all American workers were under the age of 16. Child laborers often worked to help support their families. In colonial America, child labor was not a subject of controversy. It was an integral part of the agricultural and handicraft economy. Children not only worked on the family farm but were often hired out to other farmers. Boys customarily began their apprenticeship in a trade between ages ten and fourteen. The economy has changed but our biology hasn't. We are keeping young people in school and treating them like kids longer and longer because the economy can't support work for them as it has all been outsourced due to globalism. The system is all screwed up and people are too concerned about being called names rather than speak out about the real problems in western society. I see a globalist system, which has shipped all our jobs over seas, and implemented silly laws restricting sex WELL beyond the ages of puberty. It looks more like a means of genocide to me. Those people in the middle east aren't exactly having a shrinking population like Europeans in the west are. Yes, the young people are still having sex, nothing is going to stop that but instead of society pushing them into safe monogamous, long-term relationships, they are making it to dangerous for that. Yes, these elites know what they are doing to us, and have being doing for a long time now. I think it's genocide.
  • katradMLGPRO reply I like the one at 6:28
  • [ – ] PrimitiveChristian reply Child porn is not art!
    • KEM_67 parent reply If someone paints a scene from the Garden of Eden, how much shrubbery should surround the carefree couple? Does Michelangelo’s David need underwear? Where does “art” end and “pornography” begin? If lust occurs, whose fault is it—the artist’s or the viewer’s. If the artist is attempting to portray vulnerability or recapture a lost purity; they may be trying to promote an innocent appreciation of beauty or glorify the body. Our culture differentiates art and pornography, and we understand that artistic nudity does not necessarily equal pornography.
  • clidefrog reply Shouldnt you be crediting the people who's pictures you are distributing?
  • andorios reply The first pictures were horrific. Then, midway, it got a lot better. :)
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