Demonetized by YouTube Again #155 Ducks & Winter 2016-17

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  • aaliyah_holt1995 reply I wish YouTube told you what triggered it to not be ad friendly ( eg tags, title, thumbnail)
  • Luella2u reply Maybe you should cull some drakes, since you're not going to hatch eggs this year.
  • [ – ] Luella2u reply Wow. That's awful, Mat. I had wondered about the lack of commercials. The VidMe channel does a lot of buffering, unlike YouTube. Which is sort of irritating, but I'll deal with it for the Duck Adventure.
    • Cotoism parent reply Also, what resolution do you watch the videos in? Might want to set it to "auto" or a lower res. I have mine set to "auto".
    • Cotoism parent reply What's your internet speed? I have slow DSL and have yet to have any buffering issues on vidme.
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