Pocket Perfection-Super Mario Land

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  • rebeledgeentertainment reply This game brings back so many great memories of playing my Game boy on road trips with family.
  • [ – ] Boxing_TV reply :hey man what are you playing? :Dude shut up I'm trying to play something!! :Can I play it? : Dude shut up no That part had me dying of laughter 😂😂😂
  • [ – ] Froban reply Pretty much the first Mario game I owned and the first Game Boy game I could play on my Game Boy Advance. Such a fun, simple title.
    • Benchez parent reply it was honestly the most time I put into a Mario game since Mario 3. its honestly one that feels so similar while still offering some new gameplay.
  • [ – ] YellowNakji reply Super Mario Land is a classic to me. It was a little before my time but i play this game almost weekly as i still have an old original gameboy lying around. I have finished it way too many times and i don't really get bored of it. I especially love the little glitches you can do... for example, if you mash down and left, you can make big mario crawl in 1 block height areas. (Only small mario can, legally by the games logic, fit.)
    • Benchez parent reply it still holds up the test of time, I like a lot of Mario games I always find myself going back and playing it every year.
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